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Our legal people have insisted that we put this page onto our website.

You may contact us via email here: is a trading name of Higher Ways Publishing, Inc. By partaking in any action involving (including accessing or reading the website, making a purchase and downloading any files) you agree to the terms below.

Accuracy - there are no guarantees that any material or information found on this website, in files available for download from this website, or in email communications is factual or accurate. The subject of magic is under much debate, and while we may offer opinions and advice from time to time, this information will contain assumptions and is not guaranteed to be factual. You fully understand that provides an entertainment service and will not be held responsible for any negative repercussions that may transpire by adhering to any advice, assumptions, or information given.

Your results may vary - while we firmly believe in magic, it is a very personal thing and everyone experiences magic differently, and we cannot guarantee that you will experience any results from our spells. However, in case you are unhappy with your results, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Testimonials - any comments published on this website are the honest opinions of people who have purchased our spells, or been given free copies to review. Some of the people quoted may have received compensation in the form of free bonuses or free spells as a thank you for their time. In no way are their comments supposed to reflect the average user experience, since everyone experiences magic differently.

Spells are not medical advice - if you have health conditions you should always see a doctor. We are not doctors and do not recommend using our spells in place of professional medical advice. We suggest that our spells are used as a substitute to any professional medical care, after checking with your doctor that they're OK with you doing that.

Spells are not financial advice - our spells should not be considered professional financial advice either. Your money is your money, and it is up to you to be careful with and manage your own money, and perform due diligence before embarking on any financial endeavour. We cannot guarantee that our spells will earn you any money.

Our products are for entertainment and novelty - since the existance and effectiveness of magic is still under debate, no promise is implied or expressed that any results will be achieved. Much of our descriptive writing is opinion and should be viewed as such. Our products are designed for specific purposes as stated, but there is no guarantee on results. It takes dedication and practice to succeed. Therefore, it shall be clear to any customers that any and all products offered are for novelty purposes only.

Newsletters and free samples - when you request free sample spells you will be registered for our free email newsletter. We send out emails periodically which may contain marketing information. If you no longer wish to receive emails there is an "Unsubscribe Link" in the bottom of every email sent.

Submitted material and copyright law - by submitting any material to via email or through our website, you agree to transfer copyright ownership to us so we may edit and republish the material on our website free of charge, and use the material in our advertising. Any material submitted must be original and written by you. We will not accept submissions that belong to somebody else.

Downloaded material and copyright law - you may not republish, reprint or redistribute any information or material found on or downloaded from this website or its partners at any time.

Payments and security - uses a third party payment processor (Clickbank) to facilitate your purchase. While this service is deemed secure, we accept no responsibility for issues or disputes arising from or pertaining to any monetary transaction. We do offer a 60 day refund guarantee and can supply customers with the details of how to obtain a refund upon request via email (details are also included in your purchase receipts from Clickbank).

We assume no liability or responsibility for any outcomes as a result of the use of our products. Basically, you use these spells at your own risk, and by using them you agree to absolve us of any liability or responsibility for anything and everything.

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