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Protection Spells

Protection Spells

Welcome to our White Book of Protection Magic! These protection spells will keep you and any spells you cast safe from attack by dark magic.

White Magic is a powerful force for good in the world, but unfortunately there are people who use dark magic for evil. They may cast dark spells against you, or against your spells. These attacks include curses and hexes, and are really nasty.

You can use these protection spells to defend yourself against their attacks, counteract any curses, and protect your own spells from interference or reversal. If you suspect your spells are being tampered with or blocked, you can use these spells to keep them strong and safe.

Protection spells are an excellent accompaniment to all other White Magic, and can really improve success rates and your results.

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 Anti-Reversal Spell - Your spells themselves may be attacked. Protect and shield your spells against interference from outside influences, dark magic or evil demons.

 Defense Against Curse - A witches worst fear is someone casting a curse or hex against them. But no longer. This defense spell will stop any curse or hex in its tracks.

 Guardian Angel Spell - A Guardian Angel can help keep you safe day to day, and always be looking over your shoulder to protect you from misfortune or bad luck.

 Ward Off Evil Spell - Guard against and ward off any evil that happens to pass you by. Demons are always floating around us, so protect yourself against their bad luck.

 Negative Energy Shield Spell - Negative energy is the counterbalance to positive energy. Upset the balance and you will lose your positive power. Protect against negative energy with this shield.

 House Protection Spell - Your house is your home, and it needs protecting against evil magic and dark spirits. Use this House Protection Spell to cleanse, bless and protect your new house or even your old house.

 Banish Nightmares Spell - Rid yourself of bad dreams and evil night-time spirits that are spoiling your sleep and causing you stress. Use this spell to enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted sleep every night of the week.

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