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Grant A Wish Spell

How many times have you heard:

"I wish upon a star..."

We all make wishes all the time. Maybe we wish for better fortune, or we wish for the safety of a loved one, or we wish for luck, love, or good health. Many people have different ways of wishing - throwing a coin into a well is a popular way of doing it, but I prefer this stronger method...

This Grant A Wish Spell is based on the age-old saying of wishing "upon stars". Usually this means shooting stars. When you see a shooting star it is considered lucky and you should try to seize that luck for yourself through your wish.

This magic uses the same principle, but instead of having to wait for a shooting star you are going to create your own and command it to do your magic, and bring your wish to reality.

It's easy to do, and requires only a candle and your favourite piece of music to unlock every ounce of magical energy from every corner of your body. If you need your wish to come true, give it a try today!

magic spell scroll

Save 37%

Our spells are only $15.95 each, but the price goes down as add more to your basket. If you buy 5 or more, they are only $9.95 each - that's over 37% off.

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Questions About This Spell

Asked Ian M. on Sat 2nd Feb, 2013
Q: 'Can the make a wish come true spell be used numerous times or is it a once off Eg, I wish for my love to return , ( i am looking at the love spells ) and i wish to win the lottery ( i am also looking at money spells ) how do i apply this spell to what both for instance Regards Ian'
A: You can definitely use the spell more than once. In fact you can use any of my spells more than once. The power of a spell that has been cast tends to fade over time as it falls from our minds, so it's important to keep that energy fresh by re-casting sometimes. And also of course if your wish has changed you'll need to re-cast.

Asked Ashley on Sat 13th Oct, 2012
Q: 'Does the Grant A Wish spell make whatever you wished for come true the next day, when you open your eyes, or it comes true piece by piece? Please respone as soon as possible, because I have a dream I've been dying for it to come true. Is it worth buying?'
A: Hi Ashley. It depends on the wish. Sometimes it can happen overnight, sometimes it might come together piece by piece as you said. For big wishes it might take a while, for little ones it could be very quick.

Asked kyra on Fri 13th Jul, 2012
Q: 'if i do a money spell will it backfire on me i wouldnt want anything bad to happen to me or my loved ones'
A: Hi Kyra. None of my spells will backfire, and none of my spells will cause harm to you or your loved ones. They're all perfectly safe.

Asked Leslie on Sun 17th Jun, 2012
Q: 'Will this spell make any wish come true?'
A: Hi Leslie. It will make your wish come true if it's a reasonable, achievable wish. If you wished to be invisible or to live forever it wouldn't make that come true; but if you wished to get more recognition for your hard work in your job, or to meet a new lover, it could definitely help that sort of wish come true!

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