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Power Spells

Power Spells

Welcome to our Blue Book of Power Magic! These power spells will help you to increase your own magical power, and the power of any spells you cast.

Whether you want to boost your own magical power or spiritual energy, or whether you want to magically bless your spell casting equipment or items, or whether you want to command the spirits of good luck to be on your side, these spells will help.

Our Power Spells are developed using Blue and Purple Magic, and cover a wide range of power and energy subjects, as well as more general spells which are very powerful such as the Lie Detection Spell or the Good Luck Spell.

Use a power spell when you're feeling a bit drained, or when you want to give your other spells a boost of energy to make them more successful. These power spells can be (and should be!) cast in tandem with other spells, such as our Love Spells.

We add new power spells regularly, so check back often or sign up to our newsletter to receive email updates. If you want a specific spell but you can't see it below, click here to contact us and request it.

 Power Boost Spell - Increase your own magical power, and the power of the spells you cast with this simple Power Spell.

 Good Luck Spell - They say luck and chance are random and chaotic, but with the help of magic and your own power you can bring the spirit of luck to your side.

 Enchantment Blessing Spell - Bless and enchant any equipment you use for spell casting to make sure it is pure, good, and will not leak energy or deflect magic from your wishes and intentions.

 Grant A Wish Spell - This Grant a Wish Spell can be used alongside any other rituals or prayers you might use to strengthen your wishes and increase the chance of them coming true. We all wish for things - now you can use magic to help it happen.

 Energy Boost Spell - Use this spell to boost your spiritual and magical energy, revive your aura and liven up your mind ready for magical excellence.

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