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Get your name in lights by blogging for us


I have 2 messages for you today:

1. Would you like to write a blog for AllMagicSpells?

We all have lots of opinions and theories and ideas about witchcraft, spells and magic. Every day people email me with their thoughts and I’m often inspired by them.

I want to share that inspiration with the world, so I’m opening up this “News” section to inviteĀ you to write a post and I will publish it here for everyone to read.

A few guidelines:

- Your post can be about anything to do with witchcraft, magic or spells. Your experience, your tips or advice, a story you head, an inspiring anecdote, whatever you want.
- It must be at least 400 words long (that’s roughly 4 paragraphs with 5 sentences in each paragraph).
- You can include pictures – in fact, the more pictures the better!
- Try to write about somethingĀ new that hasn’t been covered loads of times around the web before.
- What can you teach us about magic and spells? What stories do you have to entertain or inspire us?

When you’ve written your blog post, send it to me via email along with any pictures that need to be included and I will post it on this blog. Please include:

- Your blog post
- Any pictures needed
- Your name
- Your email address
- Your location (state/country)

You can write more than one if you want – just keep writing and submitting them and I’ll post them up :)

2. Share your magical photos with the community

If you don’t fancy writing a full blog post, send in your photos instead. I’d love to start a collection of magical inspirational photos that we can share. They could be photos of:

- Your altar
- Your casting circle
- Your magical equipment
- Your spell book
- Your magical robes
- Yourself!
- Anything else you’d like to share

I love looking at photos of other people’s magic, and I bet you do too. Let’s all share and we can have some fun.

Send in your photos and include a description of what the photos are and when they were taken. I’ll review all submissions and post the best ones up on the blog. As with the blog post, please also include your name, email and location (state/country).

That’s all for now, I look forward to receiving your submissions!

You can find my email address on the Contact page.


– Crystal

5 Responses to “Get your name in lights by blogging for us”

  1. I actually already write a blog about the true essence of magic called energy manipulation and with explanations on various ways to use it. I am also working developing a company called Black Dragon KI Corporation that assists with awakening and closing the gap between cultures if you want check out my blog at http://kaiszenkienergy.blogspot.com I think you might enjoy it.

  2. Terrence says:

    What an enchanting idea I agree with your project as a male witch for many years I find as we learn we reinvent ourselves as witchcraft is just a label nothing more .not a worship platform but a system of changing your reality and situation my manipulating forces around you , so thank you for this invitation though I don’t want fame or wealth I only want knowledge blessed be

  3. dee says:

    i want to join (write on your blog), but have no experience with magic. but i believe it. i’m newbie here :)

  4. Agborume sylvester says:

    Greeties to you sir/ma i saw your message and am very happy is been a while,actaully am not a magicial just a novice all this stuff,am a young man of 34yr single,hoping to find a spell or charm that will help me with my relationship and money problem,that is the risen why join this site hoping you guys could help me out,must of the spell post here,i dont believe in them,i hope you will post me some.

  5. Myrchik says:

    Kind time to you! I am a sorcerer from Ukraine. I practice sacral magic, practice rune magic and power practices. I own the art of cartomancy of Tarho, fleece oracle. With kind regards to all.

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