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Audio Spells Now Available In MP3 Format

Greetings and merry meet.

I am very excited to announce that MP3 audio versions of my spells are now available.

When you’re casting a new spell it can be awkward having to constantly refer to a piece of paper in front of you to follow instructions.

Sometimes even when you know the spell very well, you might need a little reminder of the next part, and so you glance over to your instruction sheet.

Or perhaps you aren’t able to print the spells so you have to keep them open on your laptop or computer – that’s even more difficult!

This is why I’ve introduced MP3 audio spells.

You can play them from your computer, or you can copy them to your personal MP3 player, or you can even burn them onto a CD and play them through a normal CD player.

Now when you’re casting a spell all you have to do is listen and follow along with the instructions as they’re read out loud to you.

The audios also have soothing, atmospheric and magical background music to help create the best environment within your home for spellcasting and maximum power. This will help you concentrate more, focus better and ultimately impart more energy into your magic, which will boost your results.

When you add some spells to your basket and proceed to the Checkout, you will have the option to upgrade your purchase to include MP3 audios for a very small additional cost.

Give them a try and let me know how you get on!


– Crystal

One Response to “Audio Spells Now Available In MP3 Format”

  1. albert sapaak says:

    How can i read and cast the spell.I can not read those words.Does it need to be translated.

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