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Mystical Ancient Writing, And More Spells

Greetings! This week I have 2 updates to share with you. Firstly, I have added a House Protection Spell to the AllMagicSpells grimoire.

=> House Protection Spells

The spell is used to bless and protect your new house (or your old one!) against dark entities and evil, to keep your house pure, good and full of peace, light and love. Give it a go and see what a difference it makes to spending time in your home.

Secondly, I have added an article about a fascinating ancient mystical and magical alphabet:

=> Theban Alphabet – Ancient Magical Writing

The Theban Alphabet dates back as early as the 12th century. It has been used over the last few centuries by witches, Wiccans and Pagans as a means of hiding their magical writings and spells from unwanted observers. It also helps to give your writing a very powerful magical quality – give it a go.

Until next week, peace and light, and blessed be!

– Crystal

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