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Weight Loss Spell Added, Plus…

Greetings! It is a pleasure to write to you today, I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your day or evening so far.

New Spell

I am happy to announce that today I finally dug out my Weight Loss Spell and added it to the site. It was right at the bottom of my pile of collected spells, rituals and incantations, but since so many of you have requested that I add it I kept digging till I found it! :)

If there are any other spells you are looking for, I have a huge library of spells I’ve been collecting for years with a few friends, but it takes time to add them all to the site. Let me know which ones you want through my contact page and I’ll do those first.

New Article

In other news I’ve added another article to the site today entitled ‘Magic’ vs ‘Magick’. Many websites use “magick” instead of “magic”, so this article clears up why, what the difference is, and why I like to use “magic”. Do let me know your thoughts and which term you prefer (and why) by adding a comment to this blog post below.

I’ve been wondering about what to write in this blog… what do you think I should write? Maybe I could write about you, your magic or your website? Send me an email and maybe I can feature your story here!

Blessed be,

– Crystal

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