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Money Spells

Money Spells

Welcome to our Green Book of Money Magic! These powerful money spells will help you to manage your money, growth your wealth and achieve your financial dreams.

Our Money Spells can help you get promoted at work or get the job of your dreams, get a pay rise and finally get paid what you deserve, attract money into your life and achieve financial freedom, clear your debts and much more.

These Money Spells are a combination of traditional Green Candle Magic, and also use other powerful magical objects such as mirrors, crystals and elements from nature. Witches all over the world have been casting money spells for hundreds of years with great success, and now you can command the spirits to give you what you want.

The results of using money magic in your life speak for themselves: people have won the lottery after a money spell, received large sums of money from unknown sources, got new jobs, been promoted and even paid off all their debts.

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 Lottery Spell - Fed up of losing the lottery every week? Use this spell to maximise your chances of success with the power of magic...

 Attract Money Spell - Running low on cash? Need to boost your savings? Want to make more money at work? Want to win the lottery? Use this spell to attract money into your life.

 Get Out Of Debt Spell - Reduce your debts and even remove them completely. Have more savings and more money readily available thanks to this spell.

 Job Promotion Spell - Get a promotion at work, get more responsibility, more power, more success and step up the career ladder with this quick and simple spell.

 Increase Savings Spell - Use the power of your magic to enhance and increase your savings. If you need to save more money or you need to save quicker, try this spell.

 Pay Rise Spell - Are you underworked and overpaid? If so, cast this Pay Rise Spell and ask the universe to boost your finances and pay you more for the good work you do.

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