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Healing Spells

Healing Spells

Welcome to our Yellow Book of Healing Magic! These healing spells will repair any spiritual damage caused to you by negative energy or dark magic, as well as cleansing and healing your mind, body and soul.

Your body is filled with spiritual energy, it is this energy which gives you your magical power. The energy also radiates out through your body and gives you an invisible "aura" which changes throughout the day and with your emotions.

If this internal energy source is damaged or weakened, either by attack from dark magic or general negative energy surrounding you and being absorbed into you, your magical power wanes and your general spiritual and emotional state will become worse.

You can use our healing spells to repair your internal energy source, revitalise your mind, body and spirit, lose weight and even control your body and emotions to stop yourself from experiencing pain.

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 Good Health Spell - Bring good health to yourself and your loved ones with this simple but powerful healing spell.

 Weight Loss Spell - Use the power of white magic to help you lose weight and get slim and sexy faster than any exotic diet pills.

 Banish Negative Energy Spell - Clear away and banish negative energies that are ruining your mood, spoiling your day, darkening your mind and holding you back in life. Free your heart and open you soul to happiness.

 Spirit Healing Spell - If your spirit is weakened through a traumatic event, stress or upset, your power will be depleted. Use this spell to heal your damaged magical core and regain your full strength.

 Healing Pain Spell - Unlock your inner ability to cancel out any pain you are experiencing. Become a master of your own mind and body and stop the pain today.

 Cleanse Aura Spell - Ever feel like you've got the weight of the world and all your friends problems resting on your shoulders? Cleanse your aura, throw off bad moods and revitalise your spirit.

 Pregnancy Spell - Having a hard time getting pregnant? If you want a spell to help you get pregnant fast, use this powerful fertility magic to achieve your desires.

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