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Become A Vampire Spell

Becoming a vampire is a dream that many of us have, but few have the power and strength to accomplish. While magic cannot physically transform you to have fangs or very pale skin, it can help you to take on characteristics of vampires which will help you live your life to the fullest.

Vampires are strong, fast, powerful and immortal. They are also very intense, emotional and wise. They "see" things that ordinary people don't, and have a view of life that is unique to their species. Using this spell, you can take on parts of all of these characteristics.

If you want to be stronger in your day to day life, to be able to cope with stressful situations and difficult people with the effortless ease and calm superiority that a vampire would, this spell is for you.

If you want to be able to get things done faster, or think more clearly, or "see" what's really going on inside someone else's mind just like a vampire can, this spell is for you.

If vampirism is something you want to experience and learn more about, you can use this Become a Vampire Spell to draw vampiric energy towards yourself, and absorb it to move one step closer to actually being a vampire.

magic spell scroll

Save 37%

Our spells are only $15.95 each, but the price goes down as add more to your basket. If you buy 5 or more, they are only $9.95 each - that's over 37% off.

Add this magic spell to your basket for full details.

Questions About This Spell

Asked chris on Mon 31st Dec, 2012
Q: 'if i cast this spell can i still walk out in the daytime and wont die in the sun'
A: Yes you'll still be able to walk around in the sun, it won't burn your skin.

Asked Summer on Tue 18th Sep, 2012
Q: 'Does becoming a vampire change who you are? Will i look diffrent,live forever and crave blood?'
A: Hi Summer. No, you won't live forever and you won't crave blood. You will feel different on the inside - more aware, more awake, more intense. And that different feeling may translate into how you hold yourself, your facial expressions and your personal style. But you won't physically change.

Asked Raj on Sun 8th Apr, 2012
Q: 'What if u don't know how to cast the spell and need help?'
A: Once you've purchased the spell you automatically qualify for free support directly from me, so you can email with your questions any time and I will help you.

Asked gerbie indac on Sun 8th Apr, 2012
Q: 'if ever i will become a vampire, is it possible that i would crave for blood?'
A: No, this spell has no negative side effects. You won't crave blood, you won't lose sleep, you won't become very thin or anything like that. This spell is about taking on the positive aspects of a vampire's characteristics to improve your experience of life. It's totally safe, and a lot of fun!

Asked Raj on Wed 4th Apr, 2012
Q: 'Are u able to cast the spells?'
A: I am not able to cast spells on your behalf. Magic spells are usually much more powerful when you cast them yourself, because you imbue them with your own inner strength and your desires and wishes are what power the spell and make it work. Give it a try, you might be surprised at your own abilities!

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Looking for a spell casting service? Think again. Magic spells are more powerful when you cast them yourself, since your own energy and power is the driving force of the spell.

If someone else casts the spell for you, they will not be able to deliver the same focused power that you will, because they don't have the same deep inner wishes and desires that you do.

If you think you do not have the ability or power to cast spells yourself - you're wrong! We all have it within ourselves to be powerful witches, and you only have to trust and believe in yourself to find success. Give it a go today.

Easy & Effective - all my spells are very easy to do. You don't need any expensive or hard-to-find equipment. My spells are suitable for all ages, genders and ability levels in magic. My spells are detailed, well written, fully explained and designed to give you the best results.

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Our spells are unique and exclusive to this website. You will not find my spells anywhere else! These are not rubbish 1 or 2 line spells, they are all at least a full page in length.

With every purchase you will also receive a full set of 5 complementary guidebooks to magic, spell casting, maximising success and getting the best out of your own powers.

Low Price - many sites charge as much as $50-$100 (or even $1,000!!) for a single badly written low quality spell. Don't be fooled into thinking higher price means higher quality - these people are in it to make a fast buck at your expense...

But I am not. I want you to have the best spells available in the world today at a fair price, and my prices are the lowest I've seen on the web. I also want you to enjoy the spells and experience the results so you come back for more in the future.

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