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'Unbreakable Love' Spell Bundle - magic spells bundle
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'Unbreakable Love' Spell Bundle

This spell bundle is for anyone who wants to strengthen an existing partnership or romance, and create a bond of love that will last forever. Ideally you want to already be in a relationship with someone, and you want to take that relationship to the next stage of commitment.

We start with an Attraction Spell - all solid and long lasting relationships are based on attraction, and it is important to keep your partner attracted to you in the long term.

We then move on to the core of this bundle - the Unbreakable Love Spell. This spell is used to strengthen and solidify the love, compassion, care and trust between you and your partner so that your relationship will last long into the future.

After that there is an optional Marriage Spell to help move your relationship forward to the next stage, should you so desire. If your partner is unsure about marriage, or you want them to hurry up and propose, or to be sure to accept your proposal, use this spell.

Lastly, a Power Boost Spell will make sure you are using the spells to the best of your ability, and charging the castings with as much power and magical energy as you can muster. I always strongly recommend following up castings with a Power Boost - after all, the more power the better, so why not!

Take charge of your relationship today. If you want a more loving, committed, sincere, open, honest, trusting and "unbreakable" love with your partner, get this bundle and start casting 2 minutes from now.

  • Attraction Spell - Attract young, rich, talented, beautiful and sexy people towards you with this powerful love spell. Find a new lover, or just become more attractive to the people around you.
  • Unbreakable Love Spell - Want to secure and strengthen the love in your relationship so it will last forever? This spell will do exactly that, and keep you and your partner in blissful happiness for eternity.
  • Marriage Proposal Spell - Whether you are waiting for a proposal or planning one yourself, use this spell to increase your chances of success and a long and happy marriage.
  • Power Boost Spell - Increase your own magical power, and the power of the spells you cast with this simple Power Spell.

Full price: $63.80
Discounted price: $45.80

Bundle price: only $34.95  

About The Spell Bundles

The Best Value - Bundles are a great way of saving even more money. With Bundles, I take my normal multi-buy discount even further and offer MORE reductions to give you the best possible value, and to help you meet your magical goals faster.

Now Includes MP3 Audios - Bundles now include MP3 audio recordings of the spells. This 'Mastery Level' package is normally an additional fee, but it's included as standard for bundle purchases. This will save you an additional $10-20.

Very Effective - Many of my spells work together and complement each other well. When used together, certain special combinations of spells will fuse their energies together, like a harmony of magical vibrations, and magnify the results you achieve.

I have carefully selected Bundles of related spells to help you achieve specific goals with your magic. By combining the power of multiple spells you will produce the best results.

Everything You Need - Sometimes you need to approach a problem from multiple angles to fully solve it. For example, say you want to get over a past relationship, attract a new partner AND find strong and everlasting love - you will need several spells to achieve all those things.

By choosing a Bundle, you are guaranteed to get everything you need for the best possible results all in one go, at the best price available.

Top Quality - When you get a bundle, you also get the 5 free ebook guides worth over $100+ (read about them on the Basket page). They are designed to help everyone get the best out of my magic, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Guaranteed - Just like all my other spells, Bundles are fully guaranteed for 60 days. If you're not happy with the quality of the spells, drop me an email and you can have your money back.

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Trust in yourself, trust in me, but most importantly trust the magic inside you!

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