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Magic Spell Bundles

Bundles are a great way of getting everything you need all in one go, and saving money at the same time.

NEW! Bundles now include MP3 audio versions of the spells at no extra cost.

  • 'Attract Money' Spell Bundle (save $39.80)
    Includes: Attract Money Spell, Get Out Of Debt Spell, Lottery Spell, Good Luck Spell, Power Boost Spell
    Do you wish you had more money? Less debt? More freedom to do the things you enjoy without worrying about what your bank manager will say at the end of the month?

    This bundle is a collection of our ... Learn more

  • 'Get Ex Back' Spell Bundle (save $28.85)
    Includes: Get Ex Back Spell, Bring Back Lost Love Spell, Attraction Spell, Power Boost Spell
    If you want to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife for that matter!) back, you NEED to get this spell bundle today.

    So many people want to get back with their exes, but they go ... Learn more

  • 'Find A New Lover' Spell Bundle (save $55.75)
    Includes: Break Up Spell, Attraction Spell, Make Him Love Me Spell, Make Her Love Me Spell, Grant A Wish Spell, Power Boost Spell
    Do you want to find a new partner or lover?

    Whether you want to find a man or a woman (or both!), this bundle of spells has absolutely everything you need to get the best results from your magic.
    ... Learn more

  • 'Increase Your Power' Spell Bundle (save $33.85)
    Includes: Power Boost Spell, Energy Boost Spell, Defense Against Curse, Anti-Reversal Spell
    This bundle is designed for anyone who wants to increase their own magical power, and the power and effectiveness of their spells.

    It is a combination of our most popular Power Spells, which work t ... Learn more

  • 'Good Health' Spell Bundle (save $49.80)
    Includes: Spirit Healing Spell, Good Health Spell, Banish Negative Energy Spell, Ward Off Evil Spell, Guardian Angel Spell
    How do you feel today? On top of the world, or a bit under the weather?

    We all have down days where we're not at our best, and sometimes everything just seems like too much. Luckily for us, magic c ... Learn more

  • 'Best Sex Ever' Spell Bundle (save $39.80)
    Includes: Attraction Spell, Sexual Confidence Spell, Get More Sex Spell, Better Sex Spell, Power Boost Spell
    Sex is an important part of human nature.

    Intimacy and trust are the foundations of happy and fulfilling relationships, and sexual enjoyment and release contribute to overall wellbeing.

    But whil ... Learn more

  • 'Unbreakable Love' Spell Bundle (save $28.85)
    Includes: Attraction Spell, Unbreakable Love Spell, Marriage Proposal Spell, Power Boost Spell
    This spell bundle is for anyone who wants to strengthen an existing partnership or romance, and create a bond of love that will last forever. Ideally you want to already be in a relationship with som ... Learn more

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