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Greetings and merry meet! My name is Crystal. Welcome to my website.

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"Believe in things you never would,
Believe in things you never could.
Believe that you are meant for more,
Believe that you can do it all.
Believe that if you want to, you can,
Believe that I will walk you by the hand.
But above all else, believe me when I say,
You are different,
You are powerful,
And you are special, on this day.
Blessed be."

I would call myself a traditional White Witch, but my interests in magic are varied and I draw inspiration from a wide range of different influences and belief systems, such as Paganism, Spiritualism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Meditation and many other things.

My preferred types of magic are Candle Magic and Crystal/Gemstone Magic, and any magic which has a tie into nature. I enjoy a strong connection with nature and the elements, particularly water and air.

Sometimes during spell casting I feel like my spirit is floating in the sea, or flying through the air. It's wonderful!

I enjoy using crystals and gemstones because of the incredible way they are created in nature, their natural power and their amazing beauty.

Plus when you use crystals and gemstones alongside candles to play with the light through the crystal, some truly wonderful magical effects are created.

I've been an actively practicing White Witch for most of my life. I strongly believe in magic, and using it for good and pure purposes. I have used magic in my own life to achieve many of my lifes goals - love, money, good friends and a happy life.

How did I get started? My first exposure to magic and witchcraft was as a child.

I was on holiday in a remote part of Europe, visiting a small village almost in the middle of nowhere.

As I walked around, I noticed a small hut, or shack, on the edge of the village next to the forest. It was dark, old looking, and broken down. There were strange trinkets hanging outside the door, and a wispy blue smoke curling out of the chimney. It looked spooky and mysterious, so I ventured closer.

Just as I got to the open door to look in, my mother appeared out of no-where and quickly ushered me away. She explained that this was the local witch, a powerful but dangerous woman who I should keep away from.

She was revered within the village and consulted in times of great crisis. Her powers were called upon by the villagers to help them with love, money and success, and to protect themselves and the village from evil.

Naturally, being an inquisitive child I waited until her back was turned and went straight back there to meet the witch!

And well, to cut a long story short, it turns out she was't a dangerous mad old woman at all. She was a kind, warm, welcoming and open person who was more than happy to share her secrets with me. In fact, she was keen to pass on her ancient knowledge so that someone new could continue the age-old traditions.

She taught me everything she knew, all about spells, rituals, spirits, energy, grounding, visualisation, candles, colours, herbs and much more.

I spent many years learning from Isabella, and discovered some incredible secrets of the world, nature and the universe. We became good friends, and I returned to visit her as often as I could.

Over time I have also learnt from many other experienced and talented witches from all over the world and many different forms of magic, as well as doing my own research in libraries and in dusty old books that have been forgotten by modern times. Time after time, I was shocked and amazed at the incredible hidden knowledge I was uncovering.

Knowledge that I continue to use everyday to change my life for the better.

Many people are skeptical of magic spells and the power of the natural forces and energies that surround us all and bind us together...

But I have seen and felt and experienced the powerful effects of a properly cast spell myself, and now I want to share that power with you. That's why I set this website up, to share with you the secrets of magic that I have used to enrich my life.

I have many spells which I have collected from all over the world, from all ages of time. Some I have created myself. However all my spells are handwritten on parchment or paper, so it takes time for me to transfer these spells to my website.

So far I have added quite a lot, and I aim to add more regularly. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter - click here to do so. You'll get 2 free sample spells when you do.

Use the menu at the top of the website to browse around the spell books and find a spell to help you out.

I do hope you find something useful for your magic in my website. If you have any questions or need help, or maybe you want to suggest a spell for me to add to the catalog, click here to contact me.

Blessed be,

Crystal Whitestone

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