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What sort of Witch are YOU?


Today I was talking to a friend who has never tried magic before. She often asks me about it though, and enjoys hearing stories of how I choose spells, how I cast them, and it’s fun for me to watch her jaw drop as I describe the results I have acheived!

But today she asked me a question she hasn’t asked before.

She asked, “What sort of witch are you?”

Apparently she’s been reading about magic and witchcraft a bit more, and she’s come across all sorts of different types of magic… White Magic, Candle Magic, Hedge Witches, and so on.

To answer her question, I had to pause for a moment. I’ve always considered myself a fairly traditional White Witch, practising White Magic. Obviously I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources as I’m sure you do, herbology, candles, colours, seasons, the elements and so on.

I tried to explain this to her, that magic is a very personal thing and many witches enjoy their own unique twist and interpretation, and I promised I’d ask around to get her some more examples of how people describe their craft.

So… what sort of witch are YOU?

Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Blessed be,

– Crystal

PS – I added an article about Shape Shifting Magic Spells to the website today. Do read it and let me know what you think!

16 Responses to “What sort of Witch are YOU?”

  1. Bailee says:

    I am not sure what kind of witch I am. I never really thought about it. I always did spells whenever I needed them like headache spells or healing spells.

  2. Drinara says:

    This questions always makes me giggle, for it always reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. “What kind of Witch are you? Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?” As I’m sure many of us witches do giggle when we think of this line, I think it actually has shaped the views of many people who are not witches and do not work magic. When they are faced with someone who does, and they don’t understand it, they draw on the wealth of movie knowledge, and I think Wizard of Oz is a classic…
    Anyhow, that being said, I’ve always found the terms “white” and “dark” or “black” so … distasteful. I’ve always considered witches like nature, neither black nor white, but neutral. Each person has it in them to do right and wrong, and it’s up to them to control themselves. How they use their magic follows suit. Does that make sense?
    As to what kind of path one takes, Pagan, Druidism, Wiccan, Native American, etc… I think that can define how you use your magic just as much, maybe better, than the question of ‘what kind of witch are you’. Then again, I think that’s the same question, just in a different light.
    I currently walk the path of a Wiccan. Though I’m ever learning, I would tell Glenda that “I’m a Good Witch”.

  3. purnell says:

    i would like to learn a lot more about magic spells

  4. Erasis says:

    As with you Crystal, I to had to explain myself to one who needed further explaining and in trying to do so it too became confusing for this individual.I am an eclectic, pagan, wiccan, solitary white witch. I do follow the wiccan rede-”three fold law-’an harm none” and practice that very seriously. To have to explain what your deepest most inner magic is all about is so hard without experiencing it for themselves let alone how sacred it is to tell them so. Magic is magic within itself.

  5. Kisharblaze says:

    I have recently been called eclectic. In truth I am genetically Romani/Strega, but it goes so much deeper than that. I walk a path prepared by one who goes silently by and whose magick I share. We are one, but two. Twin flames who work solitary and whose path has been laid in prophecy and throughout time.

  6. Bob says:

    I’m not sure I can be considered a witch at all. I am a ceremonial magician originally, but I draw techniques and inspiration from any and every source that seems to have something to offer. Lately, I’ve been getting excellent results from chaos magick. And I’ve been setting up as a Tarot reader.

    With love under will,

    Bob, aka Adastra,
    The Wizzard of Jacksonville

  7. zepgrl89 says:

    really i have no clue as to what kind of witch i may be or how to call my untapped potential power but something is definiteluy here…please help!

  8. Mia says:

    Ahh the infamous question, I am a Hedge Witch we are eclectic and usually choose to remain solitary for many reasons. i live one foot in this world and one foot in another, i always have since i was a kid. I spend alot of time helping” others” who need or ask for it. I do live at the “Hedge” so to speak i spend alot of time in nature and listen and watch for the signs. Good or Bad Witches well its up to the person to seek what they desire and how they choose to achieve it.

  9. taylor says:

    im not sure what witch i am? help me!

  10. Donna says:

    I guess what i practice is called Chaos Magick to some due to use of inner temple, all started about 3 years ago through simple meditation techniques for health reasons and as i became a great believer of inner self healing something started to develop with in me then came the Crystal Healing, Tarot and Reiki wow i found something that really interested me and hidden talents.

  11. patrick says:

    I just started, and have no idea what kind I am.

    I could use a MENTOR like you to help me. I assure

    you I will only do the right thing with this knowledge.

    I consider it a sacred trust for which I will be held

    accountable. pak

  12. kau says:

    hrm i always had difficulty with this (being mainly an onmyoji not a witch) so when i start talking & they get glassed over i just say “pick one” cos im all over the spectrum XD

  13. chandler says:

    well im a kid almost teenager so preteen and im a warlock i started doing magick last year when i looked it up to see if it was real it was. i was a great magic tricks guy my whole life, but this is better. i started with kids spells and felt as if i were already safer. so i would say i would be in the middle because i do white magick but i have a talent of reading minds and seeing the future so its hard.

  14. chandler says:

    oh yeah crystal does a good imagination help a warlock like me. also im still a child so i could use some tips and spells from you please. i know that magick is for good and thats what i want to do with it since i am a christ believer. so please if you could e-mail me some spells and pointers that would be great.

  15. M.N.R says:

    I’am a Wiccan and i dont know what is mean of Wiccan

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